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 new shop and new player in Clarksville AR

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PostSubject: new shop and new player in Clarksville AR   3rd August 2013, 12:41 pm

hey y'all
Im Kris Torrey, but I usually go by "arizonajirt" or just "jirt" on the forums. I moved to Clarksville, AR about a month ago to open up a gaming and hobby store, called Leatherneck WarGaming, located at 200 E. Main Street. we have constant open gaming and will shortly be hosting a Khorne v. Blood angels apoc game for a group from south Arkansas. We Have on hand 3 4x6 Gaming tables, 1 4x4 gaming table, 28 feet of painting/hobby tables in a dedicated room and 4 2x6 tables for card players. come by and see us and visit us on facebook and our blog at www leatherneckwargaming BlogSpot com

now about me, I have been involved in miniature wargaming for about 3 years and it has take over my life. I am building and working on many armies, to include: Raven Guard (around 17k pts), Khorne Space Marines (ab. 6k pts), Elysian Drop Troops (ab. 2.5k), heresy space wolves (a few squads), eldar (just starting), Tau (ab. 6k) and some salamanders as well. Im also starting fantasy as well with my skaven (ab. 8-9k) and some dwarfs.

and for my background. I am a former Marine (served from 2000-2008) and was stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. I was a Military Police Officer and a Chaplains Assistant. When I got off active duty, I became a federal police officer in Ft Huachuca, Arizona and then moved to Germany where I was a Desk Sergeant until last month. So Now here I am in Arkansas and looking for some people to come by the shop for some games and such. so please come on by.
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PostSubject: Re: new shop and new player in Clarksville AR   4th August 2013, 1:04 pm

Welcome to the boards! I'll update the local shops thread with your shops info also.
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new shop and new player in Clarksville AR
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