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 Slo-Grow League at TSE

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PostSubject: Slo-Grow League at TSE   16th April 2013, 10:09 pm

Raise the battle standards! Ready yourselves for Battle. TSE’s Warhammer Fantasy Slo-Grow League kicks off Saturday, April 27th. Starting army size is 750 points, escalating every 3 weeks.
Our Warhammer Fantasy League is geared to offer something to competitive and casual players alike. Most of all, it’s a great reason to play! Players will earn points throughout the League for playing games, game prowess, showing up on league day, purchases and painting their models.
The League will follow an Escalation model, meaning after each tier the size of your army increases. You are not required to buy a new army to play. Of course, if you’re thinking about a new army, this is the perfect opportunity. Not only will you get to play with your new force as you build it up, you might win prizes to add to it for free!
Official League Day will be every Saturday starting on April 27th. You can schedule games on other days if you need, though you’ll get bonus credit for playing on League Day.
Players earn Battle Points for each game they play. Here’s the breakdown:
• 1 point for playing a game
• 1 point for losing a game
• 1.5 points for drawing a game
• 2 points for winning a game.
• 1 point for each unit you field that is painted (must have been painted since the start of league.)
• 1 point for playing your game on a League Day
• 1 point for every $35 spent during a tier
At the end of each Tier we will award a prize for best gamer for that tier. Then at the end of the league we will award prize support for top two players (based on points), an award for perfect attendance (everyone who has perfect attendance will get a prize), best attitude and a booby prize to the lowest-scoring player. Prizes will be based on how many players participate and how much has been bought by the participants.
The League will run in Tiers with increasing army sizes and a few special rules. Entry into each Tier is $5 for prize support along with 5% of all sales to participants during the league. (you need to remind me when you make the purchases). You must have signed up and paid your tier fee before the first Saturday of each tier.
Special Restrictions for all tiers:
No Folding Fortress
No Special Characters (except for July 13th.)
You can play up to 3 games for each tier. (you can always play extra games, but they will not count towards league points) You must declare which games are league games before you start play.
First Tier: 750 Points
The First Tier will last 3 weeks. Official league days will be April 27th, May 4th, May 11th. Army size in the first tier is 750 points.
Additional restrictions for Tier 1:
• No Lords in Tier 1
• No model with 5 or more wounds
• No more than 2 levels of magic
• For Magic Dice rolls, roll 1d6+2 instead of 2d6
• No more than 1 shooting unit & 1 artillery unit
Second Tier: 1,250 Points
The Second Tier will last 3 weeks, with official league days of May 18th, May 25th and June 8th. No league day on June 1st as we will be in Omaha for the Bugeater tournament. Army size is increased to 1,250 points.
Tier 2 Restrictions:
• No more than 3 total shooting & artillery units combined (i.e., 2 shooting, 1 artillery .)
• No more than 1 monster/character with 5 or more wounds.
Third Tier: 1,750 Points
The Third Tier will last for 3 weeks, with official League Days on June 15, June 22 and June 29th. Army size is increased to 1750 points.
No extra restrictions for this tier.
Fourth Tier: 2,500 Points
For the Fourth Tier, we’ll take four weeks. With league days on July 6th, July 13th, July 20th and July 27th. Army size is increased to 2,500 points.
Special Notes:
On July 13th only special characters will be allowed
On July 27th we will have an in store single elimination tournament with a prize for the winner.
August 3 we will have an all day siege open to anyone who has played any of the tiers in our league.
Sign Up
We’ll post a sign-up sheet at the counter in the store. Please sign up there with your name and army choice. We will also make a special thread on our tsegaming.com web site for you to discuss your games and talk about your army.
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PostSubject: Re: Slo-Grow League at TSE   16th April 2013, 11:06 pm

Very interesting, the lack of characters makes me sad in the general pants region. But, I'll live.

now the question is which army to play...
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Slo-Grow League at TSE
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