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 November 10th Grand Adventures Tournament

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Nurgling on Antibiotics

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PostSubject: November 10th Grand Adventures Tournament   16th October 2012, 9:48 pm

Hello all!.

Just being the town crier and letting everyone know about an upcoming tournament in Middle Tennessee.

Location: Grand Adventures Comics and Games, Murfreesboro, TN

Time: Saturday, November, 10th, Noon.

Cost: $10, Can pre-pay or pay the day of, but be aware that spots may fill up prior to day of. 30 Available spots.

Game: 3 Round Warhammer Fantasy Tournament with scenarios
2500 points
No Special Characters
No unit over 500 points

Its going to be a fun time so come on out and get your game on!

Questions, feel free to contact Grand Adventures: (615) 867-0838, also check us out on Facebook @ Grand Adventures Comics
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Nurgling on Antibiotics

Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-10-16

PostSubject: Re: November 10th Grand Adventures Tournament   23rd October 2012, 11:22 pm

Tournament Scenarios

Round 1
I JUST GRADUATED! GIMME A JOB! – Battle for the Pass

MTSU has just had this semester’s graduation. Aside from heavy traffic and busy restaurants, the only real result of this is a glut of overly eager and over qualified job seekers flooding the area. As a result of this your army has taken on a new recruit.

Choose one wizard in your army. (If you don’t have a wizard then these rules don’t apply to you) This is now considered your Chosen Wizard. If not already level 4 they become a level 4 wizard. They gain the Loremaster ability. They generate an additional power dice/dispel dice per magic phase that can only be utilized by that model. For the Dwarf army, choose a Rune Lord or Runesmith. The Chosen will receive a +1 to dispel as well as a Spelleater Rune that destroys a spell on a 4+.
If this wizard miscasts, reroll the miscast and your opponent chooses the result.

10 pts: Win by 500 Victory Points
5 pts: An enemy unit is destroyed/or flees off the table due to a spell from the Chosen Wizard(or due to the Runelord/Smith and/or his unit for Dwarves)
3 pts: Your Chosen Wizard/Runelord/Smith survives the battle
2 pts: Your Chosen Wizard suffers a miscast

Round 2
Barrett Fire Sale! – Battle Line

In these tough economic times, even previously reliable and stalwart companies face tough decisions concerning their products and employees. Along those lines the ever-so-reclusive Barrett Firearms has decided that they need to hold an Everything Must Go! sale. Ever the thrifty general, you decide to take advantage of the situation.

Nominate 1 non-wizard character in your army(Vampire Counts can nominate a non-level 4 casting character). This character (in addition to his other items) now has the magical item The Long Range Boomstick. This item provides a 36” ranged attack at BS 4(or the model’s, whichever is better), STR 5. The attack is considered magical and has the armor piercing rule. The Boomstick also provides the model with the Sniper, Move and Fire and Quick to Fire rules and the model does not suffer any penalties for long range.

10 pts: Break or destroy the most units in close combat
6 pts: Kill your opponent’s sniper with your sniper
4 pts: Control the most table quarters

Round 3
Loremasters of Delivery – Meeting Engagement

With the opening of the Amazon location, you’ve been able to supplement your funding(and grog supply) by also taking on delivery duties for the generous company. In order to make sure you keep your funding (and grog) you’ve heavily trained your messenger in all things that make a good delivery person. Unfortunately the next delivery has to be made THROUGH the opposing side. That will make things…interesting.

After sides have been chosen but before armies have been deployed, each player will place one objective in his deployment zone.
Nominate one model in your army to be the Messenger(if this model is part of a unit, that model is not replaced if it leaves the unit). Through diligent training, the messenger gains the following rules(if the Messenger joins a unit, none of these abilities carry over to that unit):

- Skirmish
- Strider(for all terrain)
- Swiftstride
- Immune To Psychology
- Stubborn
- MR (3)

The purpose of your Messenger is to occupy the objective in your opponent’s deployment zone and still be alive at the end of the game. In order to occupy the objective, the Messenger must be within 3” of the objective. The objective cannot be contested. The only way to keep the messenger from the objective is to kill him.

Objectives:12 pts: Messenger controls the objective at the end of the game
4 pts: Killed opponent’s Messenger
2 pts: All of your unit’s entered your opponent’s deployment zone
2 pts: Your opponent’s Messenger does not control your objective at the end of the game

Questions or comments, visit the Grand Adventures site!
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November 10th Grand Adventures Tournament
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