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 hey guys whats news

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Nurgling on Antibiotics

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hey guys whats news  Empty
PostSubject: hey guys whats news    hey guys whats news  Icon_minitime22nd July 2012, 1:31 pm

been playing 40 k for a while dabble in fantasy both are nice solid games in my mind really i play just about any table top. Secretly dystopian wars is my favorite table top ever but i literally will play any thing and have a pretty good set up for most games.

i recently started a new tau/IG army for the 6th ed i am thinking of making a black hawk down themed army using the tau for delta forces and the IG as the rangers very infantry heavy i found some black hawk models that are the just about the same scale i will get into the details else where.

any way i am glad i stumbled across you guys very solid glad to be around.
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hey guys whats news
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