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 Good News!

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Good News! Empty
PostSubject: Good News!   Good News! Icon_minitime15th June 2012, 2:08 am

So, I finally sold all of the gold on my WoW account. I made $1337 from it. Hillarity aside, that got us the deposit for the new house, and a few bills knocked out for the move. I got the key today, and I'll be starting the process tomorrow morning and continuing through the weekend until it's finished. There will be burgers and hot dogs on the grill Saturday, and probably some cold beers. Huzzah! I'll get some pics of the place up before long.

And for the curious, I was selling my gold at .50 per 1000g. So, 2,674,000g (roughly) I gave a few mill to friends and my old guild too.
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Good News!
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