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 SCGT 2012 Results

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PostSubject: SCGT 2012 Results   25th April 2012, 4:22 pm

160 man event, 156 finishers

-if anyone's interested.

Highlights in my opinion:
-Skaven took top billing this year.
-Brets placed 2nd! Not only that they had 3 in the top 20. Not too shabby for one of the oldest WFB books on the block that people have long considered 'uncompetitive.' I'm sure a lot of it is that they are a natural foil to Ogre Kingdoms.
-Dark Elves took 3rd.
-7 armies represented in the top 10.
-Over all of the OK armies there were 103 Mournfang Cav in attendance.

Appeared from twitter to be an amazing event all around. I know RockWarsGT and I are talking about making the trip across the pond next year to check it out.
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SCGT 2012 Results
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