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 Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!

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PostSubject: Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!    Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!  Icon_minitime10th January 2012, 12:14 am

Hello everyone.

Lately I've been at a loss looking for people interested in playing some Warhammer Fantasy games. Currently my army is still being constructed, but I have 7000+ points worth of models in my collection. I can throw just about any possible build together at any time, the only thing I'm really doing right now is taking my time painting the models. Since I play Skaven as an army - I have well over 500 clan rat models alone, and only 200 are painted.

Because of my location in Hot Springs Village, I have a good central AR location. The problem is no matter where I go it's just a lot of gas, so I really would like to have a lot of pre-planned destinations. Furthermore, I hate to rush games. This makes me bad tournament material. When I feel rushed, I make mistakes - when I make mistakes, I get frustrated, - when I get frustrated I start being a poor sport. Taking my time is very important to me.

Because of this I would actually like playing extended games over the internet or at home. Yes, over the internet. I also play Universal Battles to brush up on my sizable Skaven army builds.

One thing I'd like to do is find people interested in developing extended roleplay armies with custom units included to make things a bit more interesting from time to time. Also, I love HUGE battles. I mean HUGE battles!

Like 3000+.

But I am willing to scale down for people with far less models than I.

I'm here to find more games, and I'm here to find some people who want to enjoy games at a slow pace like I do. I hate noise, I hate crowds, and I hate standing around for long period - so you got it, I like playing AT HOME! Thankfully, I've got a very nice place to play Warhammer at home. I've got card tables, large downstairs area, large screen TV, bar, drinks, guest beds, music, etc.. Why the heck do I want to go game shop when I get better stuff at home!? The only thing I DON'T have is official board and terrain. But trust me, I'm more than willing to do household items for the sake of everything I just listed above!

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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!    Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!  Icon_minitime10th January 2012, 5:44 pm

Howdy ho and welcome to the forums!
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Warhammer Fantasy Fan - HSV Arkansas!
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